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Working with Steve has been an excellent decision for my personal development journey! When I first met Steve I felt that I had gone as far as I personally could by myself and was at a point of confusion. After a short phone consult we came to the conclusion that a "Sort your own S#!t" approach is what I had been looking for and that's the way we approached it. I use the term "we" because that's the way I felt, We worked together and Steve empowered me through giving me the keys to my brain and my life.

Working with Steve was such a great experience it is something I will continue to do.

Jacob M

Business Owner

Steve has shown me how to retrain my mind to dwell less on negative thoughts and worries and to notice all the good in my days. I highly recommend anyone who wants to reset their thinking to visit Steve!

Justine Barrett


Steve gives you the "keys to your own head" allowing you to achieve and exceed your goals. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone wanting to improve themselves and create a fuller, happier life.

Joel Edwards

Business Owner

My daughter suffered from CRPS from 9 years of age. We saw many doctors and tried many different drugs. We were told she would never jump on a trampoline again. 2 sessions with Steve at the age of 13 and it never returned. She now enjoys many different sports (as well as jumping on a trampoline) This gave her and our life back. We highly recommend Steve.



After suffering from chronic pain for decades I’m finally at ease, free of pain and have control of myself, it’s the best investment I could have ever I done for myself. I cannot speak highly enough of Steve and his methods.
Truely a great experience.

Tristan P

Hi Steve, here are my thoughts, some of which you may choose to use, it’s a bit long winded but here goes, I went to my first session with Steve with an open mind but with a somewhat confused and very jaded outlook on my life. I’m 47 yrs old good job, great wife fantastic kids but I’m my worst enemy, after 3 hrs of talking and listening I left feeling slightly confused in a different way a good different way, over the next day I really started to think about what we talked about and the techniques Steve gave me to use every day , things that would normally upset me didn’t seem to, people, stuff on TV all the crap you can make you so cross just didn’t seem to matter as much, the more I do it the better it gets but you have to work at it, you have to want to feel better and be better, I have never endorsed anything, ever, but Steve has given me something that I think has changed my life.

Mick Richardson

Tactical Guy

Undergoing sessions with Steve was one of the best investments in my performance and personal development I’ve made. In two sessions we covered a lifetime of ground and broke through blocks and underlying anxieties which had been holding me back. Steve is an astute practitioner, intuitively understanding when to simply listen, and when to push you to new ground. He works in partnership with his clients to achieve the outcomes they want – and those they didn’t even know they had. I’m very pleased to have Steve on my journey to success.

Polly McGee