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The MindZen Group™ is the result of my life’s work where I learned how to remove Acute and Chronic Pain (CRPS) after years of mainstream pain clinic failures. I have spent a life researching what it was that I did to recover, and found that the same thing that took pain away, is also the same thing that enhances your performance. Maybe I can help you, too?

WHO is Dr. Steve?

Dr Stephen Woodbury draws resources from his eclectic history as an Artist; Poet; Philosopher; Researcher; Clinician; Author; Chronic Pain Recoveree and founding director of: MindZen Group™ where he uses The MindZen Method™, to help people achieve better performance; along with pain recovery in the quickest way possible.

As an elite thinker in the field of unconscious training, Dr. Steve brings a lifetime of unique experience and research in how to Master cognitive and non-cognitive intelligence, such as intuition, and various elevated brain states such as hypnotic, trance, No-Mind and flow states, so individuals, corporations, government, and leading education departments can unlock their natural abilities.

What Happened?

After overcoming trauma, injury-induced pain and misdiagnosis for many years, I have first-hand experience of the failings of the mainstream biomedical model. I have spent a lifetime researching pain, recovery and performance from a variety of Eastern and Western Approaches; experienced many, many treatments of all types and eventually deconstructed what worked for me after many years of failure of mainstream medical options. My methods fill the gap, and are another option that may help people who are not responding to the mainstream medicine’s conscious (cognitive) treatment system of trying to block a symptom for a while with medications, or talking about it consciously, over and over; along with the limitations of the visualisations of Sport Psychology.

The Story…

My story evolved through injury in the ‘no pain, no gain’ era. I had to deal with injury, acute and chronic pain – including what today is Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). At the time of my injuries, I looked fit due to being a sportsman, so the doctor’s and specialist’s advice was that all my pain was due to growing pains. I pushed through the pain, continuing sport, but kept doing more damage. Using some powerful pain killers took the edge off for a while, allowing me to compete, but in hindsight, when I ignored or pushed through the pain, I actually did more damage. Five years later I was told I had done permanent damage and was going to be in a wheelchair within two years.

I reached the point where even morphine was not really helping relieve the pain, but I was gaining a dependence and side effects that made everything worse. I understand pain (acute and chronic). I understand how depressions, anxieties and anger goes hand in hand with injury and unwanted changes in life. I understand fear and how helpless and hopeless feelings make pain worse. From being an athlete, I know about training and performance and how that best feeling of being ‘in the zone’ is when the best performance happens – and that happens when you are not thinking consciously.

I have trained, studied, learned and experienced how when you get your mind right, the body follows. I have unique experience with pain and performance and am in my second decade of helping others in a clinical setting to break free from pain and to achieve the performance results they want. I am happy to help you excel.

“How would you like to get your head right so your body can follow?”